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Chiptech GO

Chiptech GO is a 4G/3G digital personal help device with GPS location and fall detection.

Key Features

Fall Detection

GO has fall detection capabilities that can be optionally turned on. In the event of a fall, GO will detect a fall and a period of no movement and signal an alarm.


In the event of an emergency,  GPS co-ordinates are sent to mapping software or SmartCare Locate to display the users current GPS location to the ARC.


GO’s advanced speakerphone allows the user to clearly communicate with the ARC in the event of an emergency.

Long Battery Life

GO has up to 1 month battery life and wireless charging to ensure that your safety is covered every step of the way.

Safety Voice Announcements

GO’s advanced safety’s features include, IP connection and telecare heartbeats, power management, voice notifications (incl. cellular and power) and more.

Cloud Connect Updates

For updates, remote connection is available through SmartCare Cloud. Devices can be updated individually or as a fleet.

IP67 Water Rated

GO is IP67 water rated, keeping you safe no matter the weather, rain or shine.

Optional Connection to Base Units

GO can be easily connected to a base unit and used as an alarm pendant both inside and outside the home. One pendant for everywhere.

What’s New with GO 4G?

Improved Location Technology

Location Technology within GO4G has been improved to use multiple satellites to result in the report of faster and more accurate locations.

Improved 'Flight Mode' Battery Life

Flight Mode Battery Life has been improved to 9-12 months allowing for quicker dispatch of devices from stock.

Charging Notifications

GO4G benefits from a new USB-C charging connector and audible charging indications such as a tone or “charging” message for those hard of sight. 

Larger Installer Mode

The Installer Mode in GO4G has been developed based on Customer Feedback to include spoken device version, RF test mode, and continuous cellular testing to make installation easy and efficient.

Chiptech Servicing

GO4G can be serviced by Chiptech to increase product life through battery replacement.

New "No Fix" Report

GO will now send a “no fix” report to SmartCare Locate in the event that it cannot obtain GPS data. This ensures that all attempted GPS fixes are logged within the Locate Software.

How does it work?

To send an alert for help press and hold both buttons on GO. This will start a short pre-alarm sequence, and it will flash red to let the user know an alert is being sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). A voice message will also play, “Help alert in progress.”

Once the alarm has been received by the ARC, a voice message will play and repeat: “The alert has been received by monitoring; you will soon be contacted by an operator.” An ARC operator will call back; GO will ring and automatically answer the call so the user can talk to the operator through the hands-free speakerphone system.

GO will work in the background to obtain the user’s current location and send it to the ARC mapping software, or to SmartCare Locate, which displays GPS data and features an algorithm to refine a user’s location. When an operator ends the call, GO will flash green to indicate that the ARC can still call back into the device, and the location continues to be sent.

GO can be paired with a Chiptech base unit. If an alert is sent when Chiptech GO is in range of the base unit, it will report to the ARC that the user is ‘Home’, so they can be quickly located.

The ARC operator can speak to the user over the Chiptech GO speakerphone. In the unlikely event that GO cannot communicate with the ARC, the base unit will take over and try to send the alert for help.


Chiptech GO Mobile GPS Personal Safety Alarm with Fall Detection Hospital Discharge

I find it reassuring that my GO pendant works indoors and outdoors! I know that if l should have a fall, the technology used sets off an alarm instantly that goes straight through to family then medical help if needed. Love my GO pendant!

Chiptech GO User