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We offer a wide range of first-class assistive technology solutions.

Telecare Base Units:

Chiptech EVE Digtial and Analogue Base Unit Telecare UK


The most resilient digital alarm on the market, launched with dual SIM. Raising the bar and setting new standards in connectivity and person centered care.

Peripherals and Accessories

Pearl Pendant Telecare Product


We offer a wide range of accessories that work with our base units in order to provide the user with a range of wearable and fixed alarm options to suit their needs.

Environmental Peripherals

We offer a range of mains and battery powered peripherals that monitor the users’ environment in order to detect any harmful changes, for example, heat increase, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Bed Occupancy Pad Telecare Chiptech UK

Personal Safety Peripherals

Our personal safety peripherals aim to ensure the user is safe and supported in their home. We offer solutions such as bed and chair occupancy pads, door contacts, pressure mats and help buttons.

Companion Mini Epilepsy Monitor Alert It Chiptech Telecare

Health Peripherals

We work alongside industry leaders to offer an integrated system, including epilepsy monitors and other health devices such as moisture detectors.

GPS Personal Safety Solutions

Chiptech GO Telecare

GO for Telecare Everywhere

Chiptech GO is a confidence companion for those who want to maintain their independence and enjoy participating in activities outside of the home, knowing their safety is covered every step of the way. 

Lone Worker BS8484 Device Chiptech

GO Duress for Lone Workers

Our Chiptech GO Lone Worker device, Go Duress, keeps workers safe in their working environment to ensure that help and support is available 24/7, 365.

Chiptech Software:

SmartCare Response

Chiptech Response App

Chiptech Response is a monitoring App for connecting family and friends to the users of Chiptech EVA personal response systems (PERS).

SmartCare Locate

SmartCare Locate is a web application that plots the GPS location data from Chiptech mPERS and lone worker products on a map so a user can be located. 

Chiptech Wizard

The Chiptech Wizard is a desktop application that enables you to connect to Chiptech base units, either via a cable or remotely, to upload and download information. 

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Chiptech SmartCare Cloud

Chiptech provides a Cloud based fleet management system for data reporting products to enable monitoring companies to cost effectively manage their devices in the field.