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SmartCare Software

SmartCare Response

SmartCare Response

SmartCare Response is a monitoring App connecting family and friends to the users of Chiptech’s SEVEN as first line responders, with a reassurance that the alarm can be escalated to monitoring if required.

When a help button is pressed, emergency alerts are sent to all responders simultaneously, notifying them via push notifications and text messages.  Through the App, users can view who has responded, what action has been taken, and they can in-App message each other during an event.

An emergency activation is sent via cellular IP and loud push notifications are immediately sent simultaneously to all associated App users.

Push notifications occur every 30 seconds for 2 minutes and then followed by an SMS. No action for 3.5 minutes results in backup monitoring being alerted if setup.

All App users see who has responded and can in-App message to keep each other up to date with what is happening. When the emergency is resolved the Responder closes the event. A full history of actions taken is recorded in the App if required for future reference. App users also receive safety updates from EVA including daily test reports, battery, power status, and more.


SmartCare Response Process Graphic


SmartCare Locate

SmartCare Locate is a web application that plots the GPS location data from Chiptech GO on a map so a user can be located. SmartCare Locate differentiates between Help, Fall and Duress alerts, and displays location coordinates and approximate address when a user preforms a Check in. It can also be used to find a lost product following a period of inactivity.

SmartCare Locate provides Live GPS, address and alarm data, History, Map view, Satellite view and Street View and account management functions fitting seamlessly with your monitoring software.

SmartCare Locate operates as a secondary software application to monitoring solutions, for the purposes of displaying GPS locations and does not operate as a standalone product. Monitoring Centres can link an alarm event direct to the event on SmartCare Locate for seamless operator experience.

The ‘Live’ list shows all the GPS locations reported in the past 24 hours and maps all of the locations reports. Information shown in the list includes the account number, event type, GPS method used, along with the date and time it is reported.

To see more information about a specific event, simply click a specific report from the drop down list. This will show the single location report on the map and the user can click on the marker to display more information about the GPS report.

Chiptech Wizard

The Chiptech Wizard is a desktop application that enables you to connect to Chiptech base units, either via a cable or remotely, to upload and download information. The Chiptech Wizard can be connected directly to a base unit with a serial modification cable, or via a Chiptech router. The router can be used to remotely connect to a base unit in the field, whether it is using a phone line or the cellular network.

The Chiptech Wizard can be used to pull a comprehensive base unit log with approximately 1200 time and date stamped records, capturing all base unit behaviour as well as interactions with associated products, and the network it reports on.

The Chiptech Wizard is used for updating base units in both a servicing environment, and those installed in the field. Configuration files, firmware files and the voice files can be updated, helping to ensure that each base unit is kept at optimal operation, and is resilient to changing environmental conditions.

The Chiptech Wizard also provides the ability to manually change settings in the configuration file.  Adjustments for individual user requirements, like changing volume levels or adjusting the reporting setup for SID devices, can be done without a site visit.

The Chiptech Wizard provides a user friendly interface to connect with a base unit to aid in problem solving, servicing and customisation, offering the flexibility to do so on site or remotely.

The Chiptech Wizard is software that allows you to communicate with the Personal Response Unit (PRU), ERICA, ERICA GSM, EVE and EVA personal response systems, offering the following advanced features:

  • Guides the user through each step with a task-orientated interface.
  • Prevents advanced configuration settings being changed accidentally.
  • Highlights important and abnormal events in the alarm event log for quick diagnosis of problems.
  • Allows configuration settings to be updated remotely without overwriting client-specific details such as existing transmitters and volume settings.

SmartCare Cloud

SmartCare Cloud provides a fleet management platform for data reporting Chiptech products. Personal emergency response devices with data capabilities, can be set to regularly communicate to SmartCare Cloud to update their status. This information can be searched for, and important values filtered through the web interface, so product information is readily available and any queries or issues can be investigated swiftly. Individual product information includes; the device hardware and SIM information, versions of firmware, configuration settings and voice files on the device, and the cellular signal strength at the last connection. For base units the M2M location is recorded so changes in location can provide an alert.

The fleet management platform also offers the unique ability for data communicating units to be updated in bulk whilst installed in the field. The Global Update service enables fleet specific changes to firmware, configuration and voice to be applied when an installed unit connects to SmartCare Cloud. A Global Update is scheduled for any number of units across a period of time, with daily reporting provided to confirm progress.

To date over 400,000 individual updates have been performed via the Global Update service.