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About Chiptech

A team committed to developing personal safety devices that truly enhance peoples’ lives.

About Chiptech

Your Digital Telecare Partner

Over 20 years experience promoting independence

Chiptech is a privately owned assistive technology provider with over 20 years experience in the industry. We have offices based in both the UK and New Zealand and are at the forefront of the digital transformation in assistive technology.  We pride ourselves on our person-centred customer journey that guides and supports every step of the way.

Our Research and Development facilities and manufacturing capabilities, ensure that our solutions are industry-leading, of the highest quality and at the best price point for the customer. 

Chiptech digital telecare products are renowned for their safety, elegance and ease of use. A talented team of engineers have designed products with a strong focus on automated safety checks. Events are logged and reported to monitoring, giving peace of mind that products will operate as expected in an emergency.

While Chiptech supplies end to end solutions, we actively work with other providers to offer comprehensive solutions to suit individual needs. All Chiptech digital devices are actively supported through the fleet management platform, SmartCare Cloud, which enables devices to be updated while they are in the field, reducing site visits.

Chiptech is experienced in contract manufacturing and upscaling production for higher volumes, having recently supplied an Australian-wide government funded migration programme to change over landline (copper) alarms to digital reporting telecare systems. This included the provision of software and support to enable the monitoring of data reporting products. Chiptech is now rolling out a similar programme in the UK to support the BT analogue switch off in 2025. 

Chiptech Digital Telecare Partner Core Values Imagination, Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity, Learning, Customer Commitment, Quality
Chiptech Digital Telecare Partner Core Values Imagination, Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity, Learning, Customer Commitment, Quality

The Chiptech Management Team

About Chiptech CEO David Hammond

David Hammond

Chief Executive Officer UK/EUR 

David joined Chiptech in 2019 to lead and drive its entry in the UK and wider European market. He brings a wealth of experience in previous leadership positions within the Assistive Technology and Security industries, delivering innovative new products and service delivery models. David is passionate for the industry and providing care, keeping the customer at the heart of all, and empowering his team to be creative, caring and bold.

Stuart Carroll, Sales Director at Chiptech

Stuart Carroll

Sales Director

Stuart is an electronics engineer at heart and has a passion for finding innovative, technological solutions to complex problems. Stuart entered the TEC space in the early noughties and has over 20 years of experience in the evolution of telecare and how it can help to improve outcomes and ultimately lives. Stuart prides himself on being a trusted advisor to Health, Housing & Social Care and a true champion of the caring, dedicated services & individuals that make our sector so special.

Emily White Chiptech Business Development Representative UK 3

Emily White

Head of Product and Brand

Emily was first to join the Chiptech UK Team and has spanned across business functions increasing efficiency and implementing processes to support growth. Emily now leads in the launch of new products and business processes, as well as marketing, events and quality compliance. Emily lives and breathes Chiptech, with the benefits for service users and service providers alike at the heart of everything she does.

Nick Griffiths, Head of Operations at Chiptech

Nick Griffiths

Head of Operations

Nick is an experienced Operations Manager with a demonstrated history of working within high security and Telecare industries. Nick’s passion for driving efficiencies by simplifying process whilst enhancing robustness partnered with his experience in Operational Management, Risk Assessment, Project Mapping and Data Manipulation make him the perfect fit to scale up Chiptech Operations for the ongoing and rapidly accelerating digital shift. 

su baines

Su Baines

Head of Customer Support Services

Su joined the Chiptech UK team in 2021 to provide first class support and assistance for the Chiptech customer base. Su brings with her 15 years experience in service delivery, specifically the assessment and installation of Telecare products. Her passion for the industry comes from a firm belief in the equipment and its ability to be tailored to suit individual need and ultimately restore independence and save lives.   

Julian Edge, Head of Technical

Julian Edge

Head of Technical

Julian has innovated and led on multiple first-class product and technical solutions within the Telecare and Nurse Call market during his career and is one of the most influential and talented engineers the industry has. Julian will be working on major development projects that continue to keep Chiptech ahead of the curve and push our technology forward to meet customer demand and innovate for the future.

Chiptech’s Global Footprint

Chiptech’s global footprint spans across the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We would love to introduce you to some of the wonderful Chiptech NZ Team below; including founder and Managing Director, Graeme Moore.

Graeme Moore

Managing Director

Graeme Moore, Managing Director, has been the driving force behind Chiptech since the company was established in 2000. Graeme combines a sociology background with an ability to create a work environment that inspires and encourages his team to ‘invent the ideal’. His passion for his work is matched by his commitment to his staff and to his customers. Graeme brings energy, vision, and integrity to his role in managing a company that is committed to excellence in design and delivery.

Emily White Chiptech Business Development Representative UK 3

Pauline Image

General Manager

Pauline has worked alongside Graeme for over 20 years. She shares the same focus, passion and commitment to ensuring excellence in all aspects of service delivery, customer relations and production quality. After many years in the role, Pauline offers a great depth of knowledge and expertise in all areas.

Abby Moore

Chief Executive Officer NZ/AUS

Abby joined the company in 2006 to manage public relations and marketing. Along with this, her role is now focused on new product development, product improvements and ongoing support for Chiptech’s existing range of solutions.

Heather Peel

Paul Wright

R&D Manager

Paul started at Chiptech over 20 years ago while still a student at the University of Canterbury. After graduating Paul began his engineering career at Chiptech. Paul plays an integral part in product development, currently managing all research and design projects.

Jim Schofield

Senior Design Engineer / Project Manager

Jim joined the engineering team at Chiptech in 2007 and has been the driving force behind the development of many of Chiptech’s wearable products. 


I find it reassuring that my GO pendant works indoors and outdoors! I know that if l should have a fall, the technology used sets off an alarm instantly that goes straight through to family then medical help if needed. Love my GO pendant!

Chiptech GO User

"The Chiptech Go is a great piece of equipment which is easy to use and set up. The falls monitor is sensitive enough for daily use without being too sensitive causing false alarms. The ability to check the battery, phone signal strength and communicate your GPS location is comforting to me as a user. The fact that the battery goes so long between charges and that the Chiptech Go tells you when to charge it is a very useful feature. Overall a very good piece of equipment."

Medequip Connect UK Customer

"Works beautifully. Really pleased with it and gives me confidence when out and about."

Medequip Connect UK Customer

"The raised buttons on the charger are good for the visually impaired. Really positive piece of equipment, stylish, cannot be accidentally set off easily."

Medequip Connect UK Customer