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Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy covers how we use cookies on our website, https://www.chiptech.uk. For information on how we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal data generally, please see our Privacy Policy https://chiptech.uk/privacy-policy/

  1. Cookies
    • Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data contained in a file, and cookies are stored on a device with a web browser such as a personal computer, tablet and a smart phone. A cookie can contain information about your IP address, your device, or the online activity of a person who uses that device. 
  2. Necessary Cookies
    • We use cookies to provide the functionality of the website. These cookies are necessary to enable certain features of our websites to operate. If these cookies are blocked, disabled or rejected, some functions will not be available to you. Generally these are session cookies that expire when you close your browser.
  3. Performance Cookies
    • We may also use third party analytic and optimisation tools, such as Google Analytics and Hotjar, to help us collect your feedback and analyse data from our website so we can optimise our services to you. We use these cookies to compile reports, diagnose technical problems, provide support and help us better understand your use of our website and services. The following cookies are set by Google Analytics and Hotjar:






Google Analytics Cookies

We use Google Analytics to measure how our users interact with our web applications.

Varies from 24 hours to 2 years


_hjid, _ajs_anonymouse_id, _ajs_user_id, etc

Hotjar is used to provide us feedbacks from our users

365 days



Beamer is used by Hotjar

300 days

  • While these third parties are primarily collecting this data on our behalf, some of these third parties may also use the data which is collected for their legitimate business interests, including to improve their own services, and to maintain the security of their systems.
  • Google is based in the United States. Our agreement with Google includes appropriate safe-guards in respect of your personal data, as it includes standard data protection clauses. If you would like further information regarding data protection in our agreements with Google, please contact us. To understand the ways that Google Analytics may use your data, please read their privacy policy, available here.
  • Hotjar is based in the European Union. For further information, please see Hotjar’s privacy policy, available here.
  1. Disabling Cookies
    • If you do not agree to the use of cookies, or would like to block some or all of the cookies on our website from being downloaded onto your computer or device, you can do this by clicking the “I do not accept” button on our cookies banner or by manually disabling or rejecting the use of cookies through your internet browser.
    • Depending on your browser, you may also be able to block Hotjar cookies by making a ‘do not track’ or ‘block’ request, directly to Hotjar. Please note that the ‘block’ option will install a further cookie on your browser to prevent Hotjar from collecting your data in the future when using that browser. For further information, please see the Hotjar ‘do not track’ page, available here.
    • If you disable or reject the use of cookies some functionality on this website may not be available or it may take longer to use that functionality.
    • To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, visit aboutcookies.org.