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Social alarm providers are facing increasing challenges as many homes are transitioning  from traditional telephone based systems to digital communications. To solve these challenges, Chiptech proudly presents EVE 3G, the base unit that can be relied on through out the digital transformation taking place in the telecare industry in the UK and Europe.

EVE 3G offers flexibility to utilise one or a combination of communication pathways to connect with a monitoring center; reporting over a standard phone line, cellular analogue, and cellular data in one package. The communication pathways selected can be updated onsite through the installer menu, or update remotely via the Chiptech Wizard.

Additional safety is built in with dual SIM card slots, and the ability to fall back on the 2G network, should there be no 3G coverage.

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With a proven track record for successfully transitioning organisations from analogue, phone based reporting to data communications; EVE 3G can be installed with a phone line and dual micro SIM cards, allowing automatic fail over to the next specified network provider in the event of a network outage. This allows EVE 3G to provide multi-path monitoring, maximising reliability.

EVE 3G has the ability to quickly upgrade voice, firmware, and configuration settings remotely through the 3G cellular data network, reducing site visit and maintenance expenses. Log files can also be downloaded remotely for quick diagnostics of reported issues.  Capable of running solely off its battery pack for a minimum of 50 hours to provide peace of mind in the event of a power outage.

EVE 3G has been designed to ensure end user safety, while maintaining user friendly interactions. Extensive automated safety checks by the base unit include tests and reports on system status and power supply, ability to communicate to monitoring, and regular RF tests from Pearl help buttons and accessories  including reports for missing tests. The focus on safety checks ensures the whole telecare system performs as expected in an emergency event.

EVE 3G is also available for purchase as an extended aerial variant (EVE 3GX) to enable larger cellular antenna to be fitted should the residence for installation be in a low coverage area.

Key Features

  • EVE has dual micro SIM sockets accessible under a secure battery cover to prevent tampering. This allows future SIM card replacements to make best use of future mobile plans.
  • The ability to quickly upgrade voice, firmware, and configuration settings remotely through the cellular data network utilising the Chiptech Wizard.
  • RF test transmission are received and logged every 7 hours from Pearl or SID help devices learnt into EVE 3G. Multiple missing RF test transmission are reported to monitoring and can be notified locally on the base unit, this ensures a help device is still in range and able to communicate to the base unit.  If the help device reports to the base unit again a restore report is sent.  RF battery status is also reported to monitoring.
  • EVE 3G is capable of running solely off its DC plug pack, which means that in the event of the battery being discharged or removed, the alarm is still fully functional.
  • Connection to SmartCare Cloud enables an overview of all Chiptech data connected products and the ability to globally update a fleet of EVE 3G base units to ensure optimal operation.
  • Automatically updates to changes in time zone and daylight saving using the cellular network time.


  • System: EVE 3G is supplied with either a pendant or watch style Pearl transceiver, a plug pack, battery and user guide, custom packaged in recyclable cardboard. (Additional to have a phone cable included)
  • Dimension: 200 x 125 x 50 mm (L x W x H) and weighs 0.41kg.
  • Packaged: (L x W x H), 215 x 175 x 55mm, that weighs 0.65kg with all components included.
  • Environment: Operating temperature of 0 - 40°C, 90% humidity (non-condensating).
  • Frequency: 869MHz
  • Range: 300M+ typical in open air with a Pearl personal help button
  • Power: High efficiency 3W plug pack is supplied.
    Mains fail reporting after random 1-4 hour delay with restore signal.
  • Battery: Backup NiMH battery packs, providing up to 70 hours backup capacity when new and fully charged (using recommended configuration). Fully charged in under 24 hours. Regular battery maintenance (every 90 days) ensures high capacity and life of battery (typically 3-5 years). Low capacity battery pack is detected and reported. A missing or non-functioning battery pack is reported. Low battery warning following mains failure at approximately 20% of capacity remaining.
  • Communication: Contact ID (4,6,8 digit) over PSTN and Cellular Analogue, ContactID CSV for Cellular Data.
  • Quad-Band 3G module (UMTS/HSPA), can fail over to 2G network.