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EVA will assist the user to install the system correctly by guiding them through the installation process with clear voice instructions. The voiced guided installation process will help the user to install the base unit in a location where there is adequate 3G cellular coverage. The user will need to test the range between the base unit and their Pearl pendant, and then send a test emergency alert to monitoring. EVA will not let the user step past each stage until it has been completed successfully, and provides voice messages on how to remedy any issues encountered. EVA is supplied with a comprehensive ‘User Guide' and ‘Installation Guide' to assist the user.

When a help button is pressed, emergency alerts are sent to your monitoring team via a cellular data report and an operator can call back over the cellular voice network.

EVA has the ability to quickly upgrade voice, firmware, and configuration settings remotely through the 3G cellular data network, reducing site visit and maintenance expenses. Log files can also be downloaded remotely for quick diagnostics.  This base unit is capable of running solely off its battery pack for a minimum of 50 hours (from full charge) to provide peace of mind in the event of a power outage.

Extensive automated safety checks by the base unit include tests and reports on system status and power supply, the ability to communicate to monitoring, along with regular RF tests from Pearl help buttons and accessories which include reports for missing RF tests and RF low battery. The focus on safety checks ensures the whole telecare system performs as expected in an emergency event.

Key Features

  • Increased hardware capabilities provide comprehensive voice guided assistance through out the installation process. This ensures adequate cellular connection, pendant range testing, and that a full system test is performed.
  • Emergency Services (ES-call) function opens a voice channel to emergency services, if the SIM card or provisioned cellular network is unavailable during an emergency event (this needs to be enabled in the config), and success is dependent on another cellular network being available.
  • Supplied with a hot waterproof Pearl transceiver (IP68) with 300m+ range in open air.
  • Chiptech Wizard connection enables remote reprogramming to reset a voice guided installation, if the base unit is to be moved to a new location.
  • Can be converted using the Chiptech Wizard, to be monitored on a smartphone by family and friends via the SmartCare Response App.
  • Connects to SmartCare Cloud for fleet management and can be updated via the Global Update service.


  • System: EVA is supplied with a Pearl pendant transceiver, a plug pack and battery. It is custom packaged in recycled cardboard, with a user guide and installation guide.
  • EVA Dimensions: 200 x 125 x 50 mm (L x W x H) and weighs 0.41kg.
  • Packaged: (L x W x H), 215 x 175 x 55mm, that weighs 0.65kg with all components included.
  • Environment: operating temperature of 0 - 40°C, 90% humidity (non-condensating).
  • Frequency: 869MHz
  • Pearl to EVA range: 300m+ typical in open air.
  • Power: high efficiency 6W plug pack is supplied.
    Mains fail reporting after random 1-4 hour delay with restore signal.
  • Battery: NiMH battery pack, providing up to 70 hours backup capacity when new and fully charged (using recommended configuration). Battery recharge in under 24 hours. Regular battery maintenance (every 90 days) ensures high capacity and life of battery (typically 3-5 years). Low capacity battery is detected and reported. Missing or non-functioning battery is reported. Low battery warning following mains failure occurs at approximately 20% of capacity remaining.
  • Communication: Contact ID over CSV for Cellular Data. 
    Quad-Band 3G module (UMTS/HSPA), can fail over to 2G network if available.