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Chiptech EVA Self-Installation Guide

EVA has step by step voice guided instructions that ensures this digital telecare system is installed properly and operates correctly when it is needed to send an alert for help.

What is it?
EVA is a digital telecare system with voice guided installation. This step by step process establishes good cellular coverage, ensures range testing the personal help button, and finishes with a full system check. This enforces correct installation at all stages with validation points, to ensure user safety.

EVA operates over the 3G cellular network, reporting with data communication capabilities. A multi-provisioned SIM card allows freedom of network connectivity, and as an additional safety measure, EVA has the ability to failover to the 2G network if 3G is not available.

EVA has the option to be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Alternatively, it can be monitored by family, friends or caregivers via the Chiptech Response App, with alerts for help escalated to the ARC if needed.

EVA is supplied with a comprehensive ‘User Guide' and ‘Installation Guide' to assist the user.

Who is it for?
Advanced technology is presented in an easy to use system that provides peace of mind to people who are living independently. Members of the community who may be frail and feeling vulnerable, can be safe and secure in the knowledge that help is only a button press away.

Exceptional Battery – Capable of running solely off its backup battery pack for up to 70 hours when fully charged to provide peace of mind in the event of a power outage.

EVA has the ability to quickly upgrade voice, firmware, and configuration settings remotely through the 3G cellular data network, reducing site visit and maintenance expenses. Log files can also be downloaded remotely for quick diagnostics.

Extensive automated safety checks by the base unit include tests and reports on system status and power supply, the ability to communicate to monitoring, along with regular RF tests from Pearl help buttons and accessories which include reports for missing RF tests and RF low battery. The focus on safety checks ensures the whole telecare system performs as expected during an alert for help.

How does it work?
When help is needed at any time of the day or night, press and hold the personal help button on the Pearl and count to three. The outer rim of the Pearl will flash red to let the user know that the call for help has been activated by the EVA base unit, and will be sent through to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to respond, or the Response App for family, friends or caregivers to respond.

  • EVA features easy plug and play technology, with voice guided installation.
  • Optional App Chiptech Response Appprovides the user with the choice of being monitored by family, friends or care givers, with back up monitoring to ARC if needed.
  • EVA has been designed to ensure end user safety. Self-initiated safety checks ensure the telecare system performs as expected in an alert for help.
  • Chiptech personal help buttons communicate with EVA through radio frequency (RF) transceivers and have a range of 300m+ in open air.
  • EVA has the ability to quickly upgrade voice, firmware, and configuration settings remotely through the 3G cellular data network, utilising the Chiptech Wizard. Log files can also be downloaded remotely for quick diagnostics of issues. EVA has an emergency services call function (ESCalling) as a backup reporting option. 999 for example will be called on any available network should the SIM card or provisioned cellular networks be unavailable during an emergency activation.
  • Connects to SmartCare Cloud for fleet management and can be updated via the Global Update service.
  • Supplied with a Pearl transceiver – The pendant and watch variants are IP68 and Pearl Advanced IP67. All are hot waterproof, allowing them to be worn at all times, including in the shower or bath.