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ERICA sets the standard for a highly reliable social alarm; with a multitude of automated safety features, pre-programmed settings and an easy to use interface.

ERICA is designed to send an alert for help when a Pearl personal help button or sensor is activated within the home or garden area. Alerts are received by the 24 hour Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), that respond and contact the person through the hands free speakerphone, organising assistance when needed.

Your new ERICA personal response system will give you independence, peace of mind, and put you in contact with people who are there to help you.

The Pearl help buttons are used with ERICA to summon help in an emergency, with a transceiver in each to enable bi-directional communication. This means when an individual presses their Pearl help button and the alert is received by ERICA the outer edge of Pearl flashes red to let the user know their alert for help has been received, providing reassurance that help is being summoned.

ERICA features:

  • Easy to understand voice messages and lights to indicate status.
  • Audible messages for events can be played once, set to repeat, or disabled. Automated voice messages do not play during night time hours.
  • Installer setup menu with voice messages.
  • Using the Wizard data can be upload and download over the phone line or locally using a cable. This enables files, settings to be updated and log files to be read.
  • ERICA has battery backup of 50 hours minimum, with a rechargeable and replaceable battery pack.
  • Separate phone and line sockets to connect the primary telephone through the base unit so it can disconnect it during an emergency event.
  • A narrow band receiver to reduce possibility of radio frequency interference.