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SmartCare Relay is data receiver developed to work primarily with Chiptech products. SmartCare Relay accepts and confirms Comma Separated Value (CSV) reports from data devices that report using TCP packets in specified formats, such as Contact ID. These reports can be sent via cellular data or an Internet connection. SmartCare Relay creates an efficient, reliable reporting pathway for all alarm events, including polling, changes in state and emergency activations.

When a report is sent from the alarm via data, the unit CSID number and Contact ID codes are passed through SmartCare Relay to your monitoring software.

How SmartCare Relay Works:


  • A base unit, mPERS or alarm device sends an event to SmartCare Relay utilising Contact ID in CSV format.
  • SmartCare Relay receives the Contact ID reports over TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) using CSV protocol and communicates this information to your monitoring centre software by mimicking a standard analogue receiver; either Ademco 685 Receiver over TCP, Ademco 685 Receiver over Serial/RS232, or FE-900 Receiver over TCP.
  • SmartCare Relay forwards this on to your monitoring software.
  • Your monitoring software confirms the accurate reception of this signal to SmartCare Relay software.
  • SmartCare Relay then confirms back to the device. If the alarm does not receive a confirmation, it will continue to try connecting with the monitoring centre.

SmartCare Relay Features

  • SmartCare Relay has been exhaustively tested and will monitoring over 40,000 alarm panels polling every 60-90 seconds.
  • SmartCare Relay has the capacity to receive over 1,000 simultaneous reports per second. Through-put limiting can be set to prevent overloading your monitoring software. When the limit is reached, additional reports are dropped, forcing the alarm panels to reattempt connection.
  • SmartCare Relay has a heartbeat between monitoring software and itself to ensure it is constantly in communication. Monitoring software will alert when it is not available.
  • Chiptech regularly tests SmartCare Relay’s external communication to ensure it is stable. If no connection is detected, SmartCare Relay stops the heartbeat to the monitoring software, generating an alert at the monitoring centre.
  • SmartCare Relay runs on Windows Service and the minimum hardware requirements below must be met to ensure it operates as expected.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista or above
Processor: Core 2 Duo or better
Free Hard Drive Space: 500MB
Requires: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.1


Interested in how this software can work for your monitoring centre?

For more information on how to utilise SmartCare Relay to future proof your monitoring centre, please contact Chiptech