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SmartCare Locate is a web application that plots the GPS location data from Chiptech mPERS and lone worker products on a map so a user can be located. SmartCare Locate differentiates between Help, Fall and Duress alerts, and displays location coordinates when a user preforms a Check in. It can also be used to find a lost product following a period of inactivity.

How SmartCare Locate Works:

SmartCare Locate operates as a secondary software application to monitoring solutions, for the purposes of displaying GPS locations and does not operate as a standalone product.

  • The 'Live' list shows all the GPS locations reported in the  past 24 hours and maps all the locations reports. Information shown in the list includes the account number, event type, GPS method used, along with the date and time it reported.
  • To see more information about a specific event, simply click a specific report from the drop down list. This will show the single location report on map and the user can click on the marker to display more information about the GPS report.

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