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Oh the places you will GO!

Chiptech is happy to announce that the Chiptech GO mobile personal help device is available for customers to purchase. Chiptech GO marks a new chapter in our product range, a market leading digital mPERS solution encouraging user confidence and independence. Daily activities can be enjoyed whether at home or out and about, knowing that safety is covered every step of the way.  

Chiptech GO is a mobile personal help device with 3G cellular and global positioning system (GPS) technology. It can used in and around the home, or taken out and about.

Chiptech GO is a multifunctional device, featuring an easy button press to alert for help, a handsfree speakerphone system to talk with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operator, and GPS location reporting through mapping software or SmartCare Locate ensuring user safety is covered. 

Final compliance testing has been completed, and the first units are winging their way across the world!

3… 2... 1... GO!