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Five ways to help your grandparents

Written by EmilyWhite

30 July 2019

1. Help them with technology

More than 85% of people over the age of 65 have Wi-Fi in their homes, and usually the technology to go with it. There is nothing more frustrating than not understanding how to work what appears to others as a simple straight forward piece of technology.

There are many excellent applications for Smartphones available for seniors that increase their mental well being and overall health. Ask your loved one if they need help with a new device that they may have purchased or have been given. Take your time and patience to answer their questions and step them through the process of using it. You may be surprised how quickly they pick it up.

2. Keep in touch

As the saying goes, “I’m only a phone call away” and in this day and age this could mean a text or a photo of something that happened during your day. Starting a family chat helps others to feel more involved in the progress of your life and theirs. Family communication also reduces the risk of isolation, especially if that person lives alone. Video calling is also a fantastic way to have a face to face conversation if you live in a different area. A five minute video or phone call once a week might be the highlight for your grandparent.


3. Share a meal

The only thing better than a home cooked meal is sharing it with a loved one. This is one of the best ways to give thanks and show your loved one that you appreciate them by sharing a meal.

You could bring the ingredients to their home and cook with them, or invite them to you home. You can try to introduce them to a new meal that they have never tried before,  or you might learn a secret family recipe from them.

Another thoughtful gesture would be to assist your grandparent with meal preparation for the week. A batch of meals for dinner can be extremely helpful. Alternatively you can offer to assist them with their grocery shopping trip.

4. Encourage them to be and stay active

Being active in our day to day lives is an important factor that help us remain healthy for a long life.

Inviting your grandparent out of the house for some activity could mean simply walking through the park, visiting the shops. It could even include taking them to a dance lesson or revisiting something they used to do when they were younger.

5. Help them around the house

Sometimes physical work around the house can be too much for those who struggle with mobility. Chores such as mowing the lawns, hanging out the washing or cleaning lower surfaces can become a difficult task. A helping hand is always appreciated and a great way to show your support and love. If they have larger tasks, like decorating or renovating this could help a great opportunity to bond with your grandparents, learn a new skill or inspire them to share a previous interest or skill set they once used.

If you have any questions about technology that can help you support your grandparents to live independent, safe and well in their homes for longer, contact us at support@chiptech.uk or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help  01524 544427.

Send us an example of how you support your grandparent with the hashtag #lovemyelder

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