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7 April 2020

With more of our vulnerable population getting admitted into hospital as a result of COVID-19 it is more important than ever that they have a support network available when they get back home. The challenge faced here is that the social distancing and shielding measures in place are isolating the most vulnerable from the help and support that they need. Family and friends are unable to visit, and are worried about their health and safety on returning from hospital.
Telecare systems can provide an immediate connection to assistance and reassurance to family and friends so that no one feels vulnerable or at risk in their own home.

We have seen some amazing work carried out by the industry in response to Covid-19 and protecting staff, these include rapid deployment of home working solutions for monitoring, PPE for front line staff and work instruction guides from the TSA.

As technology providers, we are very aware of the further challenges which include technicians not being able to visit sites to install telecare, making a simple self-installation device essential. In response, Chiptech are providing the GO and EVA devices as great solutions as neither requires home visits from technicians and both are updated remotely.

Chiptech GO can be delivered to the door or provided at time of discharge and is ready to use out of the box. This mobile pendant with speakerphone and fall detection provides a lifeline connection to help from inside and outside the home.

In addition, Chiptech offer the EVA base unit, which is simple to self-install by either a family member prior to discharge or by the user themselves. This is achieved by plugging the device in to power, switching on and following the voice guided instructions. EVA can be set up for emergency alerts to either go through to an Alarm Receiving Centre directly or family and careers via the Chiptech Response App installed on a smartphone with escalation to monitoring if needed.
This is a time of uncertainty, worry and change and together as a community we are all coming together to provide support wherever we can. Chiptech is proud to be a part of the Telecare community providing essential services during this time. The industry is pulling together to ensure that homes across the UK are safe and support is always at hand for those who need it.

We have put together an informative document highlighting the importance of Telecare post-discharge and how the EVA and Chiptech GO can provide much needed support without risking the spread of Covid-19.

Please contact support@chiptech.uk for more information.

#togetherwecan #ChiptechGO

Stay safe.

David Hammond

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