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Future proofed with reporting on both analogue and digital networks, Chiptech EVE paves the way to digital telecare.


Social alarm providers are facing increasing challenges as many homes are transitioning from traditional telephone based systems, to digital communications. The EVE Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is a future proof solution, utilising both analogue and digital reporting options.

The Chiptech EVE can be installed with a phone line, and with 2 SIM cards, which allows for 5 multiple automatic fail overs and offering the industry best in redundancy.

EVE is also an ideal unit for protecting your investment from analogue to digital upgrades. Providers can be assured that their investment will operate over both networks and be upgraded remotely.

EVE Telecare Product Chiptech

How does it work?

Advanced technology has been smartly wrapped in an easy to use system that provides peace of mind to people who are living independently. For those in the community who are frail and feeling vulnerable, they can be safe and secure in the knowledge that help is only a button press away.

EVE features easy plug and play technology and has been designed to ensure end user safety, while maintaining user friendly interactions. EVE can be connected large selection of sensors and peripherals to allow for a customised setup for the user.

The focus on safety checks ensures the telecare system performs as expected in an emergency event.

EVE is also available with as an extended aerial variant (EVE 3GX) to enable larger cellular antenna to be fitted should the residence for installation be in a very low coverage area.

Key Features:


70hr Battery Backup

As part of the EVE’s extensive safety features, it comes with a 70hr battery backup.

Dual SIM and Phone Line

 Multiple options for redundancy failover. EVE 3G has the unique ability of having dual SIM cards, allowing automatic failover to the next specified network provider in the event of a network outage. This allows EVE 3G to provide multi-path monitoring, maximising reliability.


Safety Checks

Here at Chiptech we have the safety of our user at the heart of everything we do. Therefore our EVE comes programmed with heartbeat safety checks to ensure that help is always at hand. For example, if EVE detects that she is not connected to mains power, she will inform the user with clear voice announcements.


Custom Labelling Available

We can make personalised custom labels for your EVE device to show your branding and contact information.

300m Pendant Range

Extended pendant range so that an alarm can be raised from anywhere in the home, from the basement to the end of the garden. 


Extensive Peripheral Compatibility

The Chiptech EVE is able to connect with a wide range of peripherals and accessorires as part of a comprehensive home safety telecare system. 

Remote Updates

Connection to SmartCare Cloud enables an overview of all Chiptech data connected products and the ability to globally update a fleet of EVE 3G base units to ensure optimal operation.


IP68 Pearl Pendant

As standard, the Chiptech EVE comes with a IP68 hot water resistant pendant that can be worn at all times, including in the bath or shower.