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Harnessing the full benefits of a mobile digital connection, EVA offers the best in safety, communication, and management in Telecare.


EVA is a digital telecare system with a unique voice guided installation system.

The simple voice guided process ensures good cellular coverage is available, that range testing is completed and connection with the monitoring centre is secured in line with industry standards.

EVAs advanced technology is presented in an easy to use system for the both the customer providing safety and reassurance and for the installer, providing both local and remote programming.

EVA uses IP to its full potential offering the option to be monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or to the Chiptech Response App for monitoring by family, friends, or caregivers with escalation to the ARC if required.

EVA is supplied with a comprehensive ‘User Guide’ and ‘Installation Guide’ to assist the user.

Chiptech Telecare Assistive Technology

Key Features:

300m+ Pendant and Telecare Range

300m peripheral range as standard ensures that an alarm can be raised from anywhere in the home and garden. 

70hr Battery Backup

As part of the extensive safety features, EVA comes with a 70hr battery backup, over 3x the industry average. This ensures customers are safe in the event of a mains power outage.


Voice Guided Set Up Process

EVA comes fully equiped with a voice-guided self-installation process. This means that the user themselves, a carer or family member can install the device without the need for a technician. This process included safety checks to ensure that help can be reached when needed. 

Remote Updates

For updates, remote connection is available through SmartCare Cloud and Chiptech Wizard Remote Connect.


IP68 Pearl Pendant

As standard, EVA comes with a IP68 hot water resistant pendant that can be worn at all times, including in the bath or shower.

SmartCare Response App

EVA is compatible with our SmartCare Response App for connecting family and friends to the customer. In the event of an emergency alerts are sent to all responders simultaneously. This notifies them of an alarm via push notifications and text messages with reassurance that alarms are escalated to monitoring if required.


Safety Checks and Voice Announcements

EVA’s advanced safety’s features include, IP connection and telecare heartbeats, power management, voice notifications (incl. cellular and power) and more.


Extensive Peripheral Compatibility

EVA is able to connect with a wide range of peripherals and accessorires as part of a comprehensive home safety telecare system. 


Custom Labelling Available

We can make personalised custom labels for your EVA device to show your branding and contact information.

How does it work?

When help is needed at any time of the day or night, press and hold the personal help button on the Pearl and count to three. The outer rim of the Pearl will flash red to let the user know that the call for help has been activated by the Chiptech EVA base unit, and will be sent through to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to respond, or the Response App for family, friends or caregivers to respond.

EVA operates over the 3G/2G cellular network, reporting with data communication capabilities. A multi-provisioned SIM card allows freedom of connectivity roaming on all UK networks as an additional safety measure.


I think for anyone living alone, its a real must.
St Johns NZ Medical Alarm Customer