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Our telecare solutions support people in their environment so they can enjoy their independence whilst feeling safe. Our products are supported by 24 hour monitoring provided by our trusted partners, ensuring that help is always at hand. We have a range of products on offer to support your needs. Have a look at our solutions below and contact one of our trusted retail partners to further discuss your needs and place an order.

Note: This purchase page is for consumer clients and end users. If you are a business or local authority interested in purchasing our products, please contact us directly.

Our  Trusted Suppliers:

What do you offer?

Base Units for help at home

All our base units are compatible with a range of peripherals and accessories so that telecare can be customised based on individual needs. They allow for alarms to be sent to monitoring 24/7 and experienced operators will call the base unit back and speak to the user to identify what help is required. 

Chiptech Go for help anywhere

Our Chiptech GO can send alarms to monitoring from both at home and in the community. This device gives users the confidence to go to the shops and out into the community with the comfort of knowing that if they fall or get lost, they can send an alert for help. This device also has the option for fall detection to be turned on and off.


Peripherals for comprehensive support

We work with some of the best telecare specialists in the country to provide a comprehensive selection of peripherals that cater to individual needs. We provide peripherals that can help, whether that be epilepsy monitoring, bed or chair vacation sensors, temperature monitors, fire alarms and much more.

Our  Products:

Chiptech EVA Digital Base Unit with self installation UK product image

Chiptech EVA

 Eva is a digital telecare base unit with step by step voice guided installation and can therefore be installed by the user themselves, a loved one or a carer.  EVA can be used with a pearl pendant panic button or our Chiptech GO to raise an alarm. She also works in conjunction with a range of our peripherals to provide a connected and comprehensive service. Alarms can be set up to go directly to an Alarm Receiving Centre or the Chiptech Response App for loved ones or carers to respond.

Chiptech EVE Digtial and Analogue Base Unit Telecare UK

Chiptech EVE

 Eve is a market leader in cellular communicating telecare systems, EVE 3G offers the flexibility of choosing any combination of phone line, cellular analogue or cellular data reporting, when connecting to an Alarm Receiving Centre. She works by sending an alarm to an ARC when a help button is pressed or a fall is detected. The responder can then talk to the user and send help if needed.

Chiptech GO

Oh, the places you will GO! Whether you are heading to the shops, walking through the park or going to visit friends, Chiptech GO has your safety covered every step of the way. Chiptech GO encourages you to have more independence in your day to day activities, either at home or when you are out and about. You can be confident knowing that help is at your fingertips. GO can also be used with our EVA base unit.

Pearl Alarm Button

Our Pearl transceivers (Pendants and Fall Detection), can detect falls and allow users to easily call for help when they cannot reach their base unit.

Environmental Sensors

We offer a wide ranger of enviornmental sensors such as fire, smoke and CO alarms as well as alarms specifically for those with hearing impairments. If you want to know more, contact one of our suppliers to discuss your needs and find out more.

Companion Mini Epilepsy Monitor Alert It Chiptech Telecare

Health and Safety Sensors

We work closely with Alert-it in order to jointly offer some of the best personal safety and health sensors on the market. This offering can be adjusted to suit the users individual needs so that their comprehensive telecare system helps keep them safe in all areas of their home.


“Works beautifully. Really pleased with it and gives me confidence when out and about.”

Medequip Connect UK GO User