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6 months in the Telecare Industry

20 September 2020

6 months in telecare - Emily from Chiptech

Our Business Development Rep, Emily White, has been in the Telecare Industry for over 6 months now and we wanted to know her thoughts on what it is all about. For those of us who have been in the industry for years, sometimes looking from the outside can be challenging. Emily is going to give us all an insight into ‘Telecare from the Outside’.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I joined the Chiptech UK team to support the business through its integration into the UK and European markets. My previous experience lies in marketing and communications in both the UK and in Spain. I have worked with B2B businesses before and am passionate about having a customer-centred approach towards everything I do. I am also studying towards my Management BSc degree with Lancaster University and am due to graduate in 2021.


What was your first impression of the industry?

When I first joined Chiptech I had little knowledge of the everyday workings of the Telecare Industry and the work that goes on behind closed doors to ensure that vulnerable people get the help and support that they need. I guess my first impression of the industry and what it was all about came from my interview for the job. When David spoke about Telecare and about Chiptech, there was no us (the business) and them (the telecare users). I left the interview with the understanding that it is vital to adopt a holistic approach in which together we listen, learn, and innovate to provide the best service and support we can.

“together we listen, learn, and innovate to provide the best service and support we can.”

What did you notice about the Industry’s response to COVID 19?

I started at Chiptech 2 weeks before lockdown so had a ‘jump in at the deep end’ approach to entering the industry. As part of my role here I look after our Social Media and PR so I was always keeping an eye on the industry as a whole and how it was adapting to the ever-changing landscape. I saw some great examples of best practice and was impressed by the open approach of some towards sharing knowledge. The TSAs COVID 19 Forum is an example of this community approach and I was glad to see businesses coming together to find the best solutions. As a business, we decided to take this time to reflect internally on how best to bounce back and continue to provide first-class support to our customers. I was tasked with the development of a new website which highlights our core values, products, services and also gives us a platform on which to share company and industry news… check it out: www.chiptech.uk


What has surprised you about the industry?

If I am truly honest, when starting out I loved the positive impact that telecare solutions have on people’s lives, however, the technical side did not massively inspire me. I am personally amazed at how much knowledge I have gained in the past 6 months and if you speak to those who know me outside of work, they will tell you how bored they are of hearing over and over again about the analogue to digital migration and the battery life of the Chiptech GO! I now look at our base units and digital solutions with an analytical mind and am constantly learning more about the future of telecare and innovation within the field. I never thought I would be a techy person but here I am.


What is your favourite telecare solution?

I am biased, I know, but it must be the Chiptech GO. I always imagined telecare as big red pendants and handrails, GO completely breaks down this stereotype and redefines personal safety.

“GO completely breaks down this stereotype and redefines personal safety. “

What excited you about the future of telecare?

The transition to digital brings with it so many opportunities for smart research and development into technology that can further encourage and support independence. We have an open and creative approach here at Chiptech and as a team, both in NZ and the UK, we bounce around ideas that have independence and personal safety at the core. I am excited to see how the IoT can be integrated into the social care industry in a thoughtful and appropriate way. It is important to remember what is at the heart of our research and ensure that the independence of the vulnerable is the key to what we develop. There is the challenge of elderly distrust of technology and its great to see Chiptech thinking of modern yet simplistic solutions to encourage people to stay independent without alienating them with complicated technology. I am proud to be a part of this company through such an exciting time and look forward to presenting you all with our latest developments.


Who should get in touch with you?

If you are interested in the analogue to digital migration, any of Chiptech’s products or just want to find out a little more about what we do then please get in touch with me. It is fair to say that we are all masters of video call now so feel free to book in a zoom call with me. I cannot wait to get to know more people within the industry who share our passion for promoting independence and providing first-class services and support to those who need it most.


Contact me: emilywhite@chiptech.uk

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