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The Chiptech Wizard

Let us introduce you to the Chiptech Wizard! The Wizard is a desktop application that facilitates communication with your base units, including EVE 3G & EVA. Chiptech Wizard is a technical tool, yet super easy to use allowing you to manage and change some of the performance features of your base units.

• Guides the user through each step with a task-orientated interface.
• Prevents advanced configuration settings from being changed accidentally.
• Highlights important and abnormal events in the alarm event log for a quick diagnosis of problems.
• Allows configuration settings to be updated remotely without overwriting client-specific details such as existing transmitters and volume settings.
• Hover over the settings or button options to give you more information about that function.

Through our Web Portal customers can download the Chiptech Wizard and the Manual to guide them through step by step instructions on how to use and install this fantastic software to connect to Chiptech base units.